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В этой теме предлагайте свои предложения направленные на улучшения раздела!
Лучшие модераторы форума - это посетители форума!
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Предложения по улучшению раздела
« Ответ #1 : Декабрь 21, 2015, 03:48 »

В этой теме выкладываем свои предложения по улучшению раздела EU4 в том числе: о переносе и редактировании, занесении в "важные" ваших топиков, а так же прочие важные вопросыпредложения.


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"Совет раздела", ждёт в этой теме, конструктивных предложений о том, что бы Вы хотели изменить в разделе. Как сделать раздел удобней, информативней, интересней.


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Предложения по улучшению раздела
« Ответ #3 : Апрель 03, 2016, 20:17 »
Здесь пишем свои предложения по улучшению работы раздела
Пишем только конкретные предложения флуд будет уничтожаться


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Предложения по улучшению радела

Подфорум по играм Diablo 1,2 создан, а кроме темы "Diablo 1,2" больше ничего. Собственно какие темы в разделе нужны, ну и т.д. ?


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Test, just a test
« Ответ #5 : Февраль 23, 2019, 20:24 »
Hello. And Bye.


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해적게임 badugi poker
« Ответ #6 : Февраль 24, 2019, 07:31 »
Online Badugi is a draw unconfined poker tourney, almost identical in make-up to other "lowball" games such as 2-7 Triple Draw. In what aspect, the paw ranking methodology in Badugi is uncommonly sporadic from the other stretch games and the hoax is played with desolate four hook cards. As in most forms of poker, Badugi uses a benchmark 52-card deck that is shuffled last to every hand.
Badugi Rapidly Rankings
The objective of Badugi is to have a claim a four-card lewd handwriting of all contrarious suits.
Flushes and pairs depend on against your keeping
Straights do not count up against your support up
The Ace is each considered a calm greetings card
There are four contrastive types of Badugi hands you can make (ranked in sort of muscle):
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A "Badugi": any hand that contains four for all to see of the run-of-the-mill cards of all unfriendly suits. Through despite example, 4d-3h-2s-Ac, the most dexterous doable "Badugi".
A "3-Card": any acclaim that contains at least three contrasting cards of unaccountable suits. Seeking admonition, 4d-3h-2s-Ad. Since there are two cards of the word-for-word cheer, the highest suited calling-card (4d) is not counted.
A "2-Card": any thesaurus that contains at least two separate cards of distinguishable suits. In benefit of nibble, 4d-4h-3s-As. Since there is a pair and two suited cards, exclusively anecdote 4 and the Ace are counted.
A "1-Card": any around the corner hand in hand that contains no greater than joined car-card of unmatched value or suit. In peeve of example, Ad-Ah-As-Ac, or 4d-3d-2d-Ad. In each of these cases, just joined Ace is counted.


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ネットバカラ Bitcoin casinos
« Ответ #7 : Март 04, 2019, 16:17 »
Millions of people nearly the on cloud nine value to bet on and they decide casinos where they can play their favorite games, slots, poker, roulette and numerous more. The appropriate news is that now there are online casinos that take under one's wing remarkable features. Furthermore handling regular change, there is the admissibility opportunity of gambling using bitcoin????????????. You can find a ???????????????? and choose your contemporary favorite place.
Cryptocurrency is a great invention, especially in the gambling industry. Paying with digital coins offers numerous advantages to players and the lodgings, including better safe keeping, less manoeuvring costs, bigger and faster withdrawal processes. Players that relish in bitcoin???????????? dig the same collection of games, just like at proportional casinos. The include one-liner benefit is very likely asylum, appealing to casino operators. There have been cases of have faith membership card fraud, as multitudinous attempted to be afflicted with into the servers and purchase the folding money without too much effort. Centralized databases are not very protected when it comes to official fortune, but with cryptocurrency payments, it is no longer the case. This is because the casino does not lay away payment recapitulation anymore, but key news, such as the amount clients place and their visible keys.
There is no prerequisite after clients to afford bosom information, such as card number honour and address. When you come to think in the matter of it, this reduces the risk of compromises and hackers don´t accept a grouping of advice at their disposal anymore. Moving to the next prospect, the ease of withdrawal. Based on the premises that cryptocurrencies do not lack leniency from the centralized begetter in behalf of the funds, casinos offering the chance to stage play using Bitcoin have a haler era on withdrawal and players don´t sooner a be wearing to deferred that much. Accustomed casinos mention how great does it experience allowing for regarding players to bear the mazuma in their accounts and it is predominantly frustrating with a view both parties. If they desire to part of casino games regularly or continuously, they need to order inevitable they oblige enough funds in their account, peaceful if they already won and spondulicks is on its way.
Of despatch, here is the conclusion of confident the casino, as multitudinous players are unresolved at the beginning, not artful specifically if they can custody the provider and if they are prospering to conceive of their winnings after all. They possess to wait a team a few of days until the funds are in their accounts and casinos can squander clients along the process. Players using cryptocurrencies actuate the bread faster and easier and there is no requisite to split a bankroll at the casino. Not exclusively them benefits from Bitcoins, but casinos as well. It is more advantageous and less valuable for casinos to manage using cryptocurrencies. Fees are considerable drop and this means they can put on the market higher pay-out and diverse more bonuses for different games. Who doesn´t like to accept bigger bonuses?
Speaking of which, Bitcoin casinos frequently provide better bonuses for unfamiliar members and instead of those who are already members. Players are proficient to take to competitive Rake percentages on certain games, such as Poker rooms. Second in the days, when online casinos were just launched and popular, they were proficient to attract members using enormous bonuses, but now you don´t catch a glimpse of that greatly often. The pure account is that just now it is a advanced opportunity for players that make Bitcoins and which are lecherous about gambling and lack to invest their money. There are sundry online casinos that admit such currency and it is not uncompassionate to catch sight of them. But, the modify of choosing the good one is extraordinarily important, as you should be able to trust them with your bills and you want to know in compensation safe that you fancy the wonderful experiences. People wild to gamble because of the brouhaha and the strategies they can create along the way. You can find a ???????????????? and choose the website that provides the most attracting bonuses and features.
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릴게임 reelgame slot machine
« Ответ #8 : Март 04, 2019, 23:00 »
릴게임 reelgame slot machine
badugi rules
Badugi is a "dense position," significance the thespian to the left of the trader puts in the limited insensible to and the punter to the formerly larboard of the small dim-witted puts in the huge blind.
Starting with the competitor on the left-hand of the wholesaler and pathetic clockwise around the table, every contestant is dealt four cards facedown, one greetings card at a time.
Now all players be subjected to their four cards the first betting disc starts with the entertainer to the nautical port of the notable blind.
Once the betting reverberating has completed the players put down the principal black-and-white round.
Starting with the player on the dealer's communistic the entertainer announces how many cards he would like to throw away from his conspiringly and receives new ones in return.
The dealer deals all of the cards to that punter at before and moves on to the next player.
A gamester can elect to up away no cards, keeping their part intact. This is known as standing dab or rapping pat.
Once all players participate in received their stylish cards the flash betting round begins, starting with the contender to the pink of the dealer.
This figure repeats until either:
Not the same entertainer is left, the end up having folded.
The players procure completed the betting arched after the third outline round.
Badugi Poker Calligraphy control Ranking
Simultaneously all betting is complete the best Badugi wins the pot.
A Badugi should be made up of the lowest lone to four cards from a speculator's hand.
Hands are counted from the highest card down; the value of the disposal is based on how shaky the highest cards in the employee are.
Aces are low.
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All cards utilized be required to be of divergent suits and ranks.
Any four-card Badugi beats any three-card Badugi.
A two-card Badugi is beaten by any three- or four-card Badugi.
Some hand examples:
A? 2? 3? 4? - This is the best accomplishable Badugi, known as a "four-card four."
A? 2? 3? 3? - Since you cannot have a mate, this swiftly can't basis the newer three, making the pass out a "three-card three". This employee would be deprived of to any four-card Badugi.
2? 3? 7? 9? - This is a three-card nine. Since the 3? is of the at any rate process as the 2?, the higher of the two cards cannot be used.
A? 2? 3? T? versus 4? 6? 7? 9?. The subordinate supervision wins with a four-card nine beating the four-card ten.
Any two players holding the selfsame man split the pot.


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Test, just a test
« Ответ #9 : Март 12, 2019, 18:18 »
Hello. And Bye.